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Status: Available
Sex: Male
Housetrained: Unknown
Declawed: No
Age: 8 year(s)
Retriever, Labrador / Mix
Merry Christmas To Dr. Janice Rienerth from Linda Welden.
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Like most Labs, Quaszar loves his food. Unfortunately for him, he was indulged way too much and is severely overweight. Since coming to WHS, he has been steadily losing excess pounds and now the Diamond Dog trainers have jumped on board to help him reach his fitness goals! He is a happy, friendly and loving dog (even under a strict diet & exercise regiment!!) who wants to be active and playful, as soon as he's physically able to be. Along with his daily exercise & training session with a Diamond Dog volunteer, we are asking everyone that has a few minutes to help by taking Quaszar out for an extra stroll. He can't walk very far or very fast (yet!) but we have already seen an increase in his stamina and strength, and want to keep the forward momentum going! And most of all, we are hoping that someone dedicated to helping Quaszar continue with his healthy lifestyle will meet him, fall hopelessly in love & take this sweet boy home to stay. No matter how much physical weight he loses, his heart will remain the same giant size it is today - he just needs a family to share his love with.