Scooter the Cat's Update



Scooter says "Hi" to all the wonderful people that helped him get here.  He also said that he doesn't remember much that day in July when he was adopted.  He knows he was quite small and confused and didn't know where he was or even how he got there, but...being tiny, scared and alone only helped him to find his 'voice'.  When his future Mommy came in the door of the Humane Society, he says he started screaming to the top of his little lungs, and scream he did - over and over and over until he got my attention.

Well, he is now more than a happy Cat.  He has just turned 8 months old, has the run of the house, a box full of toys, favorite bed basket, talks up a stream, knows exactly where his Treat Treats are and loves to bring me his 'ball' or 'mousey', so we can play 'Fetch and Throw'.  I throw and he fetches - sometimes as early as 3 a.m., when he thinks I should be awake and ready to play.  Then each day after he has taken his little 'Cat Nap', he loves catching his last few 'Zzzzzzz' lying across my chest and happily purring.  Lastly, he is also quite the 'traveler'.  We have driven all the way up to Cape Cod and even back to NC a couple of times.  He is a daily delight and keeps a smile in my soul. 

Thank you all for the greatest Humane Society in NC and for being a part of a wonderful Organization.


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