Alanna & Serai

Alanna & Serai

Type: 2 dogs
Age: 10 years
Weight: 50 lbs
Gender: female
Breed: red dobermans

LOST-- Pair of red dobermans, sisters, 10 years old but in good health and look younger, about 50 lbs., one with a blue collar the other with red collar, rabies tags, Alanna has microchip tag. Typical doberman coloring but reddish-brown and tan instead of the usual black and tan of the bigger dobermans, short hair. Last seen heading uphill away from Meadowview Drive in Boone, above WalMart area, at about 2 pm Thursday 4/6/17, but they run very fast and could be a long way away quickly. Please call me asap at 828-964-3674 or if you don't get me try 828-964-5182. THANK YOU!!

If you have any information, contact:

Suzi Woodard