Type: Kitten
Age: 8 or 9 months old
Weight: 8-10 lbs.
Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed

She is amazing. She meows like she is talking to you. She's smart, sweet, like to suck on your face or fingers. She likes to be cuddled. She's my world. Been missing since end of March. I'm broken hearted. She means the world to her at 8 weeks. She was there when no one else was for me... she likes tuna but will not eat wet cat food. Likes to play. Loves outdoors. Litter box trained..... very affectionate and friendly...loves to play and lay in road in the sunshine...we live at Mac Brown trailer park off old 421. My email is I have no other contact method at the moment....I think you have her as a kitten to get adopted. The kitten that you have is named. Lady Edith... I think this may be here. I will be in contact Tuesday May, 09, 2017. If it isn't her I think I want to adopt Lady Edith because she's a striking image to AnnaBelle. She's white and black. Gray nose, pink mouth.... solid white paws, solid black tail. Medium to long hair, no tags, She answers to AnnaBelle or Bella. My email for contact or Caitlin Leigh Taylor on Facebook. I live at 380 Vannoy ln Boone, NC 28607 Thank you Caitlin Leigh Jipson

If you have any information, contact:

Caitlin Leigh Jipson