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Dog Park

Before there was the Adoption Center there was the Dog Park! The Dog Park opened in 2006. Most days pets and their owners will be enjoying the dog park (even in the middle of winter). To use the park you must complete a Dog Park Application and have current rabies certificate for your dog.

The Dog Park is open to members daily sunrise to sunset. Dog Park passes can be purchased at the Adoption Center Tuesday-Sunday 12:30-5:00. To get a pass or become a member you will need a record of your dog having been spayed/neutered and current on rabies vaccination.

Dog Park "Pet-iquette"

#10 Your dog is leashed until inside the holding area and then turned free to enter the play area.
#9 Un-neutered dogs, puppies younger than 4 months and dogs who are ill or without current vaccinations are kept at home.
#8 Humans don't bring food, tobacco products, or glass containers into the park. 
#7 You must be the owner of the dog you brought and you must have a dog park pass. You know your dog best.
#6 You must immediately clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste in a closed bag in the appropriate receptacle. Dog waste spreads disease.
#5 Actively be engaged with your dog for their safety and pleasure.
#4 If your dog decides to burrow please fill in the hole and repair any damage
#3 You must have a leash with you at all times and use it promptly to remove your dog if he or she is disrupting the play of others.
#2 Please leave dog toys at home that can easily be destructed.
#1 You and your dog have an active good time while being friendly, responsible and respectful of our park and its guests.  



  • Regular Member (up to 2 dogs) $65/year
  • Seniors (62 and above)(up to 2 dogs) $50/year
  • Student (up to 2 dogs) $45/year
  • Each additional dog $15/year
  • Day Pass $5
  • 3 Day Pass $10
  • 1 Week Pass $15
  • 1 Month Pass $25
  • 6 Month Pass $45

Applications are available at the Adoption Center or you may open here, print, and bring with you

You may also register for a Dog Park pass online here.

Adoption Prices

  • Dogs over 6 months up to 6 years are 99.00
  • Dogs 7 years and up-48.00
  • Puppies under 6 months are 130.00 with a cash deposit of 100.00 if the animal has not been altered which the adopter gets back as soon as the animal gets fixed.
  • Diamond Dogs are $130.00
  • Cats over 6 months up to 6 years are 55.00
  • Cats 7 years and up 48.00
  • Kittens under 6 months are 80.00 with the cash deposit of 100 just like with puppies

All adoptions include the spay/neuter, microchip, rabies vaccination, and all age appropriate vaccinations included, along with a free brief health exam at one of our local vets.

We periodically have specials which are often listed on the slides on the main page of this website and on the Watauga Humane Society Facebook page.

Bare Bones Boutique

Bare Bones Boutique Thrift Store offers the community a place to bring unwanted or unused items that are then resold with the money going to benefit our items. It is also a great place to find bargains on a variety of items from furniture, clothing, pet items, collectables, etc.  Bare Bones is located at the bottom of the hill before turning into the Adoption Center. The address is 2670 Old Highway 421 South, Boone. They can be reached at 828.264.7339. Donations are tax deductible.

Store Hours: Tuesday-Saturday  10:00-4:00


Community Cats (Trap, Neuter, Return)

"Community Cats" are a combination of strays and ferals that are typically unowned or semi-owned cats. They live outdoors, and may be wild or friendly, or lost and abandoned. 

How does Watauga Humane Society help "Community Cats"?

WHS offers a combination of ways that ensure that Community Cats are fixed, vaccinated, ear tipped and either returned to their original home or transferred into our Barn Cat program. If you are a property owner, or know of any community cats in your area, please contact WHS for more information on how you can utilize our resources. 

 How can YOU help "Community Cats"?

If you would like to donate to the program, please click HERE . Your donation will provide low cost spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, ear tip, and FELV/FIV testing.


Two Types of Fostering

Did you know that we offer two types of fostering for our animals: Fostering & Fostering With Intent?

Traditional fostering is when we need people to take an animal into their home for a period of time. It often is needed when our numbers are high and we run out of space. It also occurs when animals need to be in a home environment instead of the shelter or when there are short term medical issues.

Fostering with intent allows potential adopters a two week period of time to make sure that the adoption is a good fit for the animal and family. Much of the time adoptions work out well but this creates a no-fault adoption opportunity.



Celebrate Your Birthday with Us!

Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

Watauga Humane Society is now offering birthday parties to the community. What a great way to celebrate a birthday and teach kids about caring for animals! Proceeds benefit our animals! There are three levels of parties available.

All parties include:

  • set up/clean up                                                    
  • tables/chairs
  • tablecloths
  • pet care/pet safety talk
  • up to 2 hours for personal party
  • visit from a dog or cat (choice of particular animal determined by staff)

Li’l Pup Party 

Flat fee of $80 for 10 children, plus $5.95 per additional child.
In addition to what all parties include you also get streamers and children make a cat toy craft.
You bring your own food, cake, drinks, plates, napkins, cups and gift bags.

Cat’s Meow Party

Flat fee of $100 for 10 children, plus $6.95 per additional child

In addition to what all parties include you also get birthday themed decoration, plates, napkins & cups; “I helped a shelter pet” stickers; children make a cat toy craft; cheese pizza for kids and plush beanie toy for each child.
You bring your own cake, drinks and snacks.

Rescue Rockstar Party

Flat fee of $150 for 10 kids, $8.95 per additional child

In addition to what all parties include you also get birthday themed decoration, plates, napkins & cups; “I helped a shelter pet” stickers; cheese pizza for kids; drinks; birthday cake or cupcakes for kids; two animal-themed crafts/games and gift bags and plush beanie toy for each child.

For More Information Contact: 828.264.7865