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Misson Statement

The mission of the Watauga Humane Society is to provide the following:

  • A well-equipped and appropriately staffed facility where the citizens of Watauga County can bring unwanted and abandoned animals;
  • Relief of suffering among animals;
  • Provisions for food, shelter, medical care, and love to homeless animals while they await permanent homes;
  • Assistance with control of unwanted animals by offering low-cost spay/neuter services;
  • Education to the public about responsible animal ownership and care.

Board Members

Board members are elected in staggered terms of three years. The board is comprised of up to 15 directors, 5 of whom are officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Liaison.

Charles Duke, President

Alice Roess, Vice President

Anne Moell, Secretary

Vickie Young, Treasurer

Monique Eckerd, Board Liaison

Judy Clarke, Member

Susan Burnett, Member

Warren Moretz, Member

Cara Toney, Member

Carole Cheek, Member

At our Annual Meeting on October 24th, we will be electing new board members. Bios for the candidates are below. As a member of WHS, you will be able to vote at the meeting. We will hold our Annual Meeting onsite in the Turchin Room at 5:30pm. 

Patty Dale:  Patty retired as a senior associate registrar at Appalachian State University in November 2017. She has been actively volunteering at the Watauga Humane Society since 2015, primarily in the Diamond Dog program, Click and Treat Club, and the Doggie Diplomats.

Shante' Mathes:  Shante' is a native of North Carolina. She moved back to NC in April 2017 and settled in the High Country. She has worked with animals large and small since the age of 13. After finishing graduate school in Alabama, Shante' went on to work with USDA Veterinary Services dealing with large animal poultry compliance and health. Being the owner of a rescue dog, Shante' has always had a passion for and understood the importance of donating time and resources to help animals in need. Shante' shares her life with one very active dog (Diamond) and an incredible smart turtle (Scout). 

Carol Truett:  Carol has served as a volunteer for the WHS since 2013, and has accumlated close to 300 hours of service. As a retired ASU professor, Carol enjoys volunteering her time to visit 2nd graders at Watauga County Schools through our Education Committee, and creating crafts with WHS SNIPS. Carol aka Dr. CAT says, "The Watauga HUmane Society is a valuable part of the comminuty here in the mountains, and does a fantastic job taking care of the animals in need of forever homes."

Shelley Wainscott-Wallin:  Shelley, a long time resident of Watauga County, works in the ASU Biology department, and is an active volunteer in our community. Since she was a child, Shelley has had a love for animals and a desire to ensure their safety. Shelley is committed to doing all she can to make sure that all animals are cared for in a respectful and nuturing way. 

Judy Clarke: Judy retired from ASU in 1996 as the Associate Athletic Director. She has been a long time volunteer of WHS, and has been a board member for several years. Judy also manages the WHS Bare Bones Boutique, a thrift store that is ran by volunteers to raise funds for the animals at WHS. Judy has a passion for animals, and for Watauga Humane Society. 

By the Numbers

January, 2018 - April, 2018





Stray at Large 137 91 1
Owner Surrender 116 124 7
Owner Intended Euthanasia (4)
1 1 0
Transferred In 40 25 0
Other Intakes 17 25 0
Intake Total 311 266 8


Adoptions 200 183 13
Return to Owner 69 4 0
Transferred Out 6 1 0
Return to Field (5)
0 13 0
Other Live Outcomes 5 22 0
Outcome Total 280 223 13


Died in Care (1)
2 2 0
Lost in Care (2)
1 0 0
Shelter Euthanasia (3)
2 3 1
Owner Intended Euthanasia (4)
1 1 0
Other Outcome Total 6 6 1

(1) Died in Care - Usually young orphaned and ill kittens, seniors, abuse and neglect victims or other animals with illnesses or injuries that they are unable to overcome, even with veterinary treatment.

(2) Lost in Care - Random and unpredictable circumstances like a cat getting out a cat room window because a visitor opens a window; a mouse chews it's way out of a cage and isn't found; a foster animal is lost on the way to the vehicle in the parking lot, etc.

(3) Shelter Euthanasia - Usually animals with significant aggression that has not responded to training or animals with terminal or untreatable illnesses or injuries.

(4) Owner Intended Euthanasia - Owners sometimes surrender their animals to us because they cannot afford euthanasia.  It is our policy to accept the surrender, do an exam and decide for ourselves whether euthanasia is necessary.  By law, we cannot and we do not perform euthanasia on animals owned by members of the public.  

(5) Return to Field - Feral cats and cats that are not socialized or otherwise appropriate for placement in an indoor environment (Barn Cats) that are released on a property with the permission of the property owner.