Status: Seeking Foster Home!

Sex: Female

Age: 1 Year

Domestic Shorthair / Mix

Hinata is sponsored by Marcia Pierce “in memory of all beautiful black cats and in honor of The Pretty Paws Cause - Boone.”

Hinata is currently looking for a foster home where they can undergo treatment after being testing positive for ringworm. Treatment is overseen by staff, and any medications or necessary items will be supplied by WHS. Ringworm is transmissible to humans and other animals, so a foster parent should be able to isolate a foster pet from the rest of the household. Staff can further elaborate on how to properly and effectively care for a ringworm-positive animal while keeping yourself and pets safe and healthy!

*By sponsoring this pet, you are ensuring that we can continue our life saving work. Sponsorships do not cover adoption fees, but help fulfill the mission of our organization while also giving extra attention to pets in our care.
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