Cat Condo Campaign

One of the most popular features at the WHS Adoption Center are the Cat Condos, those delightful cat cages that people can see into from the lobby. At any given time of the day, you will find people standing there, watching and exclaiming over the antics of the cat dwellers. Unfortunately, time and heavy use have taken its toll on the cages and they are now reaching the end of their life. Just in the past year and a half, 1,533 cats/kittens have been adopted. Most have been in the condos at one time or another. In order to remain in compliance with the current NC Department of Agriculture’s require-ments for shelters such as ours, all 32 condos will have to be replaced as soon as possible.

The condos were originally constructed from particle board.  Rather than use particle board again and face the same challenge in another 7-8 years, we would like to provide stainless steel cages.  Stainless steel is a healthier environment for the cats, and also much easier to clean and maintain.

Our challenge, of course, is to find a way to pay for the design and installation of the condos; the current estimated cost is at least $60,000. We have received a challenge grant of $20,000 toward the cost, and we are now asking the public to make donations to meet and this challenge.