Ceres, now Saroo

Good morning all! Christy, Ashlee, and I’m sorry I can’t call any other names out, but hello to all ... you should understand when you see how bad I am with names. Even Ceres. We originally named her Juno but this lady is so well trained and SO in-tuned with the word “no” even when softly spoken and, well... a name like JuNO – it just didn’t work so we re-named her again – Because “Ceres” is a goddess name we covered several of those but in the end.....we chose “Saroo” – in honor of Saroo Brierley  (of the movie “Lion”- Saroo lost his family as a child as well) And, while there are some anomalies going on here, such as her not being spayed early-on, poor leash training, etc.  it’s apparent she had a home somewhere where she was very well-trained.  Or else she is a genius (good chance?)  So, an update on Saroo’s first week.

First, the bad.  By the time I got her home from her adoption day it was apparent that her spay procedure had not gone 100% as it should have,  as she was still having some significant and heavy discharge.  So, a visit to her new vet was needed before she was 24 hours home.  Her doctor at Animal Hospital of Wilkes (Dr. Stinson is the GREATEST)  put her on some antibiotics, amoxicillin, and hopefully she will be all okay within a few more days. She is already better and she’s appearing to feel well, no question there. Lots of sleeping in her favorite chairs and sofas catching plenty of late morning and early afternoon sunshine. This girl was in definite need of some leash training when she left there and literally within two walks outside was showing “significant” improvement. Unless she has some sort of distraction even the softest spoken “no” catches her attention and she tucks her head down in embarrassment of disappointing her mommy and daddy.   In addition to  knowing her sit/shake/down commands, Miss Saroo knows to look (or go) to the direction that your finger points, she knows what human shaking the head left to right means and she knows chicken and rice are her most favorite foods in the world. Except for hamburger. Being underweight when she left the shelter turned out to be a good thing because now she gets 3 meals a day of real, fresh food consisting of meats and vegetables and will continue to get 3 meals a day until she gets up to a good weight. But lots of meals doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her manners. When her mommy and daddy eat she does not beg and does not even stare hopefully. She goes on about her business of napping and stretching because she knows her time will come and it will be good food. Taking a road trip is one of her favorite things to do besides eat and she knows exactly how to behave like a responsible passenger.  I could go on all day long about what a good girl our little Miss Saroo is, but her proud mommy will stop for now. We just wanted to give you an update of her first week, and let you know she’s adapting well and is happy in her new home.  She does appreciate, immensely, all the wonderful help you’ve given her, and there are no words to thank you for saving her life....but she still says it’s better here than there. Sorry. 

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