Aunt B

I wanted to update you on Aunt B who I adopted from you in June 2014. I used to come and walk dogs when I was in school at Appalachian and fell in love with Aunt B. I went back to walk her a few more times but she was soon adopted by another family. I was heartbroken and constantly talked about her to my friends and family. One day in June I got a text from a friend that said, “Your girl is back!” and she had attached a screenshot of Aunt B’s picture and information on the Humane Society’s website. I was in Raleigh for the weekend but I immediately called them and told them not to let anyone adopt her because I was coming to adopt her tomorrow! The lady I spoke to on the phone said she was so sorry but Aunt B had already been adopted. Again, I was heartbroken. 

I decided I would still go to the Humane Society the next day to look at other dogs that were available. I was talking to one of the volunteers when my friend said, “She’s so sad Aunt B isn’t here.” The volunteer quickly turned around and said, “I spoke to you on the phone yesterday! She was just returned 10 minutes ago and she’s yours if you want her!” I immediately said yes and started hysterically crying! They brought Aunt B out to see me and she came running towards me and started licking my face! I officially adopted her on June 8th, 2014! 

I loved Aunt B so much and she went everywhere with me! She loved laying in creeks in the mountains and chasing crabs at the beach. She was the most gentle, sweet, loving dog and everyone who met her instantly fell in love. I am so lucky she picked me to be her Mom and I cherished each day I get to spend with her. 

She passed away this April due to brain tumors. She received treatments from the neurology and oncology department at NC State Veterinary Hospital but sadly she developed a second cancerous brain tumor which was untreatable. She was my once in a lifetime dog and we shared a bond that is hard to put in words. I miss her so much everyday. Thank you for giving Aunt B so many chances to find me! 

Shelby Potts

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