Hi there! I just wanted to share this fun little story with you all! I adopted Lilly Purritzer from you all 2 years ago when I moved to DC. I had just broke out on my own but wanted some companionship in the big city. I went to App State and had returned home for the weekend to visit friends when I found out my landlord would allow me to have a pet. Back in college I would come visit you all anytime I was stressed to play with the cats. I felt it was only appropriate that my new fur baby come from you all. I went home from that weekend with a one pound bundle of personality. Lilly has blossomed into a beautiful cat and her personality has yet to stop amazing me. Last night she was named as Capitol Hill's Cutest Pet. I just wanted to share with you all how much she was loved and how well she was doing. Needless to say I am one proud mama! If you all want to keep up with her she has her own instagram @LillyPurritzer




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