Klover’s Story

“Hi, my name is Klover – some of you may remember me as Kroger.  I came to live at Watauga Humane Society in June of 2015 when my Mom moved to a city and could not take me with her.  I’ll never really understand how she could do that, but let’s not dwell on negative things – I’m a “half-full” kinda gal!”

“The people who worked at WHS were really nice – they fed me, gave me a clean place to sleep and took me for walks whenever they could.  Still, it was not home.  I went home with a few people, but we didn’t “gel” so they returned me to my kennel.  But I was patient – I knew there was someone waiting for me just like I was waiting for them.” 

“Finally, in March of 2016, my “person” came to see me – I knew immediately that this was the one!  It was near St. Patrick’s day, so maybe I’m Irish (definitely my lucky day)!  It was such an exciting time – some of the staff were crying and hugging me “goodbye”.  There is even a video of my exit – pulling my new Mom out the door.”

“This is where life get’s really GREAT!  My new Mom is active (just like me) and we go for long walks every day – even in the rain.  I’ve learned to walk on a leash and some basic commands.  I’m a great “house dog” and never destroy anything – I even get to sleep in the bed with my Mom (sometimes).”

“In April of 2016 my Mom took me on my first road trip – Boy was that fun!  One of my Aunts had invited me and my Mom was so worried that I would not be a good girl.  Well, I fooled her – I was an absolute Angel.  I enjoyed walking around town, running into the water and generally relaxing on the front porch.  Check out these pictures!”

“Me in a bed of Clover and my name is Klover – very Klever!”

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