Skeeter's Successful Home!

"HI! I adopted Skeeter a little over a month ago. I wasn't sure how else to give an update other than through Facebook.

He's been the perfect dog; honestly you couldn't ask for a better boy. His goofy personality never fails to put a smile on my face and he gives the best snuggles! 

He loves hiking at Fall Lake and getting his feet wet in the water. The dog park is another favorite; Mika the Husky is his best friend.

He now knows sit, lay down, roll over, and stay. Being as food motivated as he is, he's super easy to train. He never had a single accident, not one! 

Car rides originally made him nervous, but now that he gets to go to the park when he gets in the car, he will go outside and stand at the car door.

He can be quite the talker if he feels he's not getting enough attention and it will for sure make you laigh.

Elvis and TigerLily the cats are still getting used to his nose always being in their face but they've tolerated him pretty well. And of course he adores them. 

Chasing squirrels in the yard has to be his favorite pass time, but chewing on his bones and toys is a close second.

He adores every person he meets, I swear he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He loves talking a walk right up the street to where the neighbors let him play with their Tibetan Mastiff, Golden Retriever mixes; he loves running after them and chasing after tennis balls. 

He's such a delight and has fit in so perfectly with out lifestyle. We love and adore him more than anything! 

He's certainly a spoiled pooch!"


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