3 Pitbull boxer puppies

3 Pitbull boxer puppies

Type: 3 Pitbull/boxer pups
Age: Around 2-3 months
Weight: 4 lbs
Gender: One Boy and and one girl and I forget which one the brendell is.
Breed: Boxer pit bull mix

One Boy pup who is brown with Harley Davidson collar. One girl Brown pup with white stripe between eyes. And one Brendell pup. Unsure of gender. They wandered off and I can't find them. Their brothers and sisters are at home's. They were in the Zionville area Near Harley Perry Rd. On June 19th If found please call me at 18287197561 The brown one with collar responds to lil' big

If you have any information, contact:

Skylar Younce