Type: Kitty Cat
Age: 10 - 11 years of age
Weight: Unsure. Probably 8 - 15
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: british shorthair mix. A very big boy.

WHITE AND GREY CAT. SPOTS ON BACK. HAS FACE MARKINGS. Microchipped. last seen on territory. Hello My name is Stache. I'm a big boi and I was adopted from the watauga humane society when I was a very tiny kitten. My eyes are a lovely emerald green, and it looks like I have a cute lil mustache under my pink and black nose. I am mostly white with four distinct dark grey spots on my back. My forehead and the front part of my ears and grey too! I have a tiny little spot on my chin that's also grey! While my tail might be grey, I have a white ring near the end of it-- I know, I'm a really pretty kitty. I am missing, I'm an indoor-outdoor cat and was last seen on my big territory. It's been three days and I haven't come home yet. I'm also extremely skittish and will not come close to you unless you move very slowly. If you see me, I may not respond to my name. I LOVE FOOD! I have a microchip and it has all of my family's info on it. Please look for me, I'm kinda fat, and not good at hunting. My mommy is worried about me and wants me home safe and sound. There is another kitty on here who looks a lot like me, but unfortunately, he's not me. Thank you for reading about me, and please help find me.

If you have any information, contact:

Monica Coffey
828 963 0306