Lil' Sebastian (goes by Bastchy or Sebastian)

Status: Lost
Type: cat
Age: 5-6 years
Gender: Female- spayed
Breed: striped/tabby
Weight: 6-8 lbs?

Description: Sebastian is a sweet girl and a great hunter (has all claws). She loves to sled with the children, hike with us, and roll around at our feet while we play with chalk in the driveway. She is ALWAYS under foot and doesn't tend to go beyond a couple houses away. She disappeared the night/morning of March 22/23. She always greets us in the morning at the door and she didn't come on the morning of the 23rd. We miss her terribly. She looks so so close to the cat on your site Edamame but we went back and forth with that finder and she said Edamame seems too small and has a darker brown nose (Sebastian's is more pink). She was not wearing her collar when lost. She has greenish eyes and tons of dark stripes. We have a LOT of pictures of her if needed. She has fattened up and now has a floppy belly but is a smaller framed cat. She loves to roll and let you pet her belly only to trick you and scratch you up! She is a dog trapped in a cat's body!

Reporter Info
Name: Michele Nichols
Phone: 828-773-4344