Iza June

Status: Lost
Type: cat
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Spayed Female
Breed: Muted Tortiseshell
Weight: 10 lbs

Description: Iza June has a light gray coat with cream colored splotches on chest and belly and light orange dappled all over, yellow-green eyes, a black nose, and extra thumbs. Her tail is ringed like a raccoon. She has a hoarse and high-pitched meow that is chirp-like or croak-like unless in distress. No collar or tags. She is comfortable climbing trees and wandering the woods fairly far away from home, but is never usually gone for longer than 8 hours. She went missing from our home off Hodges Gap Road. Please call or text Sydney at 727-423-2668 immediately with any information!

Reporter Info
Name: Sydney Blume
Email: blume.sydney@gmail.com
Phone: 727-423-2668