Status: Lost
Type: Cat
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Spayed female
Breed: Russian blue box
Weight: 6 lbs

Description: Last seen in Junaluska park area near downtown Boone. Tiny short-haired female cat, might be confused as a kitten at first. Super friendly, though can be skittish of strangers at first. Has a slight neurological issue where she loses her balance sometimes. Was wearing a green collar with mice on it (though she might have lost it). She IS microchipped. Also responds to Nubbin and Babies (what we call her and her brother), and responds to higher pitched voices (we can’t help doing it, she’s so adorable). Much loved and missed.

Reporter Info
Name: Jamie Goodman
Email: jlgood@gmail.com
Phone: 828-719-9492