Status: Found
Type: Dog
Age: 1-3
Gender: Female
Breed: Husky
Weight: 25-30 lbs.

Description: Small black and white husky with a mostly white face and blue eyes was found roaming Meat Camp Road near Hopewell Church Road in Boone on 08/22/21. Her back is mostly black with one white patch at the base of the right side of her neck that wraps up to the back of her head. She is not wearing a collar. She was walking along Meat Camp Road and approached our vehicle when we came to a stop on the bridge at Hopewell Church Road. Very sweet and gentle. Well behaved. Appears thin or possibly just very young. Took her to the Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country to scan for microchip but one was not found so we brought her back home with us and gave her a safe place to sleep for the night with food and water. She is currently still at our home but we have 2 elderly female huskies of our own, so we cannot keep her for long. You can contact us at 919-749-5543 or 919-645-7123 or email at zachschnack@gmail.com.

Reporter Info
Name: Zach
Email: zachschnack@gmail.com
Phone: 919-645-7123