Status: Lost
Type: Cat
Age: 2 Years old
Gender: Spayed Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Weight: ~8 pounds

Description: She is friendly but very scared of everything including other animals, but likes human food a lot specifically chicken and bread so its the best way to get her to approach. Her hair is short and brown with dark stripes on her legs and head, white fur around her mouth and a lighter colored primordial pouch. She almost always has a serious or sad looking expression and She is also missing the top of her left ear as she was originally going to be fixed and re-released. She had no collar on at the time she got out but she is micro chipped. I think she got out sometime last night (jul 21st) while my roomates were packing things into their car I live at 134 Carolina Highlinds Dr so its likely she is somewhere along old bristol, If you have any info on her please call me at (919)-757-5932 or email me at jcriz.jr@gmail.com thanks for your time.

Reporter Info
Name: James Risolio
Email: jcriz.jr@gmail.com
Phone: 9197575932