Animal Care & Enrichment

It is a big task to get over 200 animals fed, cleaned and taken care of throughout the day! Animal care volunteering is a wonderful way to work alongside staff, and help take care of our shelter pets basic needs. We always need help cleaning litter pans, and kennels, as well as the living quarters of our cats and dogs. We offer the early bird special to these volunteers as we begin our caretaking at 8:00 am. This opportunity is also a prerequisite for other areas for volunteers such as Dog Handling 101.

Enrichment is one of the most important areas of the daily care of our shelter pets. Enrichment provides mental stimulation and exercise that is imperative to an animal in a shelter. Forms of enrichment are building toys like Kongs stuffed with kibble and treats, destroyables that are made with treats as well and snuffle mat making! We also have a doggie play group and dog walking, so that our pups can enjoy fresh air and exercise!