Twinkie and sibling Suzie Q were found separated from mom. By fostering, they were able to be cared for with daily feedings, bathing, and socialization. 

Fostering a shelter pet is a wonderful way to volunteer your time! We always need foster parents for a number of reasons. Shelter pets that need special care such as bottle feeding, decompressing from a fearful environment, and pets that require extra medical care such as broken legs, amputations or surgeries. We offer training to volunteers that are interested in taking on these special needs and provide all medical needs such as medication, food, formula, and more. 

We also have foster parents who are not in a position to fully adopt a pet, but love having the companionship. We offer Fun Fostering opportunities for the shelter pets that have been in the shelter the longest, and who would benefit the most from a break out of the shelter environment and into a home for awhile. It benefits the pet and the foster parent and helps our staff learn more about the pet outside of the shelter. 

Deja came to WHS emaciated and craving attention. Both of her fosters home helped her gain weight and gave her the comfort of a foster home before being adopted! 

Beau came to us heartworm positive. Treatment is long and requires keeping his activity and stress low. His foster parents are currently keeping him happy in their home while he undergoes his necessary treatment!  

If you are interested in fostering, please visit the shelter Tuesday through Sunday, 12:30-5:00. Our staff will help you decide on a pet that would best fit your lifestyle and benefit from fostering the most! It is an amazing experience and a great way to help a pet in need if you are unable to adopt!