New Dog Kennels

September 11th, 2020

After 10+ years and thousands of dogs, our floors and kennels have all seen better days. The floors are in need of sealing and repair. As you can imagine, 10 years of wear and tear, cleaning chemicals and thousands of dogs using the kennels has taken a toll. Floor patches over the years have proven to be unsuccessful, leaving gaps for waste material to build up under the kennels. The kennels themselves are deteriorating and our state inspector has warned that they will soon fail inspection. What better time to replace kennels than when the floors are being resurfaced?

Due to their design, the kennels now in use are very difficult to sanitize and are unsafe for dogs in some circumstances. 

After much discussion, research and planning,  the WHS Board of Directors has approved a design that will better protect our dogs from injury and unsanitary conditions. 

Part of the upgrade has been implemented already. Shelter staff have replaced harmful cleaning chemicals with Rescue, a disinfectant cleaner that is more gentle on users, animals  and equipment. The new kennel design includes a “fear free” feature that lessens the amount of distraction the dogs receive in the kennels and will reduce their stress. A fundraising campaign has been launched to resurface floors and replace all our doggie quarters. The estimated cost for this project is approximately $147,000. We need community support to give our canine friends housing that is safe and clean. 

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