Kennel Project Update

November 9th, 2020

As with any project worth doing, prep work is essential. The maintenance staff at WHS is working tirelessly on the preparation stages of our dog kennel renovations. Floors are being cleaned, leveled, patched and resurfaced now, before cold weather sets in and makes that job more difficult. Our custom kennels are in the final stages of pre-production. We will be installing the new kennel panels in our dog isolation area before the end of the year, and the major kennel overhaul on the adoption floor is estimated to start early Spring of 2021. 

Did you know? We are using in house labor for this project instead of contracting it out? We are supporting our local community and watching every penny. It’s very important to the WHS staff and Board of Directors to always be good stewards of the generous donations we receive.

Fundraising for this project is ongoing and we are halfway to our goal!