The Whole Town is Barking About Arko Dog Park

October 8th, 2021
Watauga Humane Society continues to improve the canine/owner experience in our Arko Dog Park. Projects completed this year include removal of dead or dying trees, repairs to gates, latches and fences, and enhanced signage. We added 365 degree cameras for the safety of our patrons earlier this year along with an improved swipe card access system. A wonderful group of volunteers which included, Judy Clarke, Rita Hennings, Boni Herbert and friends of Jackson Sumner and Associates cleaned up the flower beds at the entrance. Improvements underway include replacing invasive plants with native species, trimming of bushes, containment of grass and weeds along the fence lines and mulching areas around trees and bushes.
Arko Dog Park Trivia Time
  • The Dog Park was established in the late 2000’s -well before our facility was built.
  • Arko was the beloved companion of Simone Richardson and Bobby Ludwig.
  • Simone and Bobby donated the funds to fence in the land which became the Park.
  • The funds for the Gazebo were donated by Debra Wynne
  • The benches and tables throughout the Park were donated by dog lovers.
  • The small shed at the bottom of the Park is part of the Brown’s old home place.
  • 2018 saw major renovations to the Park, including grading, gravel in high traffic areas and concrete pads under the doggie pools.
The Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset.
Memberships and day passes can be purchased Tuesday-Saturday 12:30-5:00 at the Adoption Center.
For more information about our amazing dog park, click HERE!!
Please contact us at with suggestions, questions or concerns regarding the dog park.