Oscar's Story

November 30th, 2021

"Today I was found.

A sweet human came to my rescue after finding me with a broken back leg. I was unable to walk as the pain radiated through my body, but I was gently comforted. Time before this was blurry, but I know that this feeling of love is all I want. I hear them talk. They can’t keep me. I am stable but need to receive treatment.

I am taken to an unfamiliar place where I smell animals all around. I am scared. My fear quickly dissipates as I make friends with new people. They give me attention and lots of tasty wet food. They call me Oscar

I now live in an isolated area they call “holding.” They tell me this is home, but only until I find my forever home. Apparently there are many more homeless and scared animals like me. This place, with the nice people, is called Watauga Humane Society and everyone is dedicated to helping animals. They speak of things I don’t know: microchips, surgery, vaccinations, dewormer, and fleas. Ouch! I feel a prick, get unpleasant pills, and stinky stuff on my fur while they assure me it’s going to be okay.

One day I go on an adventure with one of my new friends. She tells me we are  going to the vet where they will help me walk again. I get sleepy, and when I awake, the feeling in my leg is different. I stand and realize it is no longer there. The pain is gone and I am able to move again. I feel free."

- With love and appreciation, your friend Oscar 

Oscar is just one of many animals that come through the doors of WHS. As the only open admission no kill shelter in the High Country, we give every homeless pet medical treatment, necessary vet visits, and provide the love and understanding to make their journey to adoption possible.

The medical care required to prepare our animals for adoption costs $80,000 annually. With a lead gift of $5,000, we are on our way, but we need your help to continue our lifesaving mission. Please make a gift that works for you to ensure every homeless pet gets the care they need to find their fur-ever home.


Together, we are changing the future of homeless animals in the High Country.


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