Adopting Not-So-Feral Barn Cats

August 31st, 2023

When looking to adopt a feline companion, it is important to consider not only the animal’s temperament and personality, but the environment they are most accustomed to. Different cats will flourish in different environments — some may enjoy life as pets while others are happiest living entirely independent from humans. Other cats will fall somewhere in between.

Feral cats are animals that have had no human contact for the duration of their lives. These are wild animals who do not need human intervention or assistance to survive. In between the feral cat and the pet cat is a demographic which is often referred to as ‘people-adjacent’ by feline rescue groups such as Alley Cat Allies.

While not completely socialized, people-adjacent cats have been reliant on humans for the majority of their life. Cats like Fabio and Heads-Up Penny are best suited for an outdoor environment where they can roam freely, with minimal support from their new family. These cats would not be compatible with indoor living, and would thrive as mousers, barn cats, or outdoor companions. 

These companions will not be featured on the website, however if you are interested in this type of feline friend visit the adoption center during business hours or email

While not featured on the website, you can feel free to stop by the adoption center or call to learn more about our available people-adjacent cats. Staff is happy to provide additional information on introducing one of these friends to your home, or to answer any questions you may have regarding community cats in Watauga County. 

WHS helps to find homes for roughly 1,000 cats each year, 200 of whom are undersocialized or feral.