Freedom Ride Home 💙

November 30th, 2023

This wasn’t my first time in a car... 

Sure, I have ridden in many cars! Some took me to fun places with the prettiest views and new smells; others took me to homes where I would spend a few nights conquering stuffed toys and playing with new people! I used to love riding in cars, but after a while, I realized they always came back to the shelter.  

I had a pretty good set up. My kennel space was cleaned daily, with hand delivered meals and toys. I was served two meals a day and my favorite bacon-y treats. The humans would even take me out daily to run and play with my other friends – this was my favorite part of the day. I knew there were friends around me even though I couldn't see them, my nose can pick up any smell.  It was only outside that we could see each other and play freely. There were new people every day that would walk me, pet me, and call me a “good boy.” I love being a good boy, I can’t help but wag my tail. 

What was supposed to be a quick stay, turned into months watching other puppies, just like me, go to new homes. I wanted more, but it was hard to express that to the humans when we don’t speak the same language. I tried jumping and barking to tell them that I needed more than my kennel and brief car rides. I wanted big beds, and morning snuggles, and…I just wanted a home of my own that I could return to after each car ride. 

My appetite changed, and even with larger meals, I noticed that I wasn’t as full as I should be. The humans noticed too. I met another special human that gave me medicine to help my anxiety. It made me feel better, and I started to eat normally. I was still feeling lonely.  

That’s when they partnered me with a special person that helped me get out of the shelter often. We went on tons of hikes, and I even learned what a “pup cup” is! I loved spending time with them, but still the car rides stayed the same... Returning me to the shelter.  

Then it happened. My jumping and barking finally paid off. Every night I dreamt of snuggles, and a family. I spent so many days wondering where a car could take me, but when I hopped into this car and stuck my head out the window, I smelled the freedom of riding home.