F.L.Y. Fund

FLY (Forever Loving You) Fund was established to support emergency vet services to Watauga Humane Society dogs in need. Its foundation is based on forever friendships, support, and caring for animals, as well as each other.

By coming together, these funds have helped save the lives of several dogs in need of critical surgery and extensive vet treatment. FLY Fund gives WHS dogs a second chance to find caring and loving homes once rehabilitated.

The first donation towards FLY Fund was in loving memory of a longtime companion named Muzzy - which makes her the first to receive her Angel Wings.

We encourage donations to FLY Fund to be in memory of friends or animals that have since left us, helping them receive their Angel Wings too.

Watauga Humane Society will not be sending out acknowledgements or tax receipts via postal mail during this time due to the rising concerns over COVID-19. Please provide your email address for an electronic version of the letter, otherwise all letters will be mailed when deemed appropriate to do so.