Glynda's HEART

Glynda’s HEART (Help Each Animal Receive Treatment) was established to honor Glynda Valentine, a long time volunteer and supporter of Watauga Humane Society, as well as a lifelong proponent of animal welfare. Created by her friends, HEART continues to honor Glynda’s passion for animal care, ensuring that Watauga Humane Society can be a place of refuge for hurt, abandoned and abused animals. 

Donations to HEART help fund general medical and preventative care for WHS animals, including immunizations and medications. 

Glynda wanted every animal to have the opportunity for a long and healthy life, and HEART continues let her spirit live on through the animals. 

Watauga Humane Society will not be sending out acknowledgements or tax receipts via postal mail during this time due to the rising concerns over COVID-19. Please provide your email address for an electronic version of the letter, otherwise all letters will be mailed when deemed appropriate to do so.