Pachi's Adventure

We're a 501(c)(3) Organization!

Spring always has been a time of blossom and growth. We have been able to overcome obstacles we never imagined and have grown to continue to meet the needs of our animals and our community, all thanks to the generosity and support from people like you. 
Earlier this spring we were notified of a sad, sick, and potentially injured dog in need of medical attention - her name is Apache (aka Pachi). Full of fear, she had evaded all helping hands that tried to rescue her. Once in our care, she surrendered herself to the kindness of our staff, the warmth of being indoors, a soft bed, and the calm voices of her caregivers who comforted her and willed her to live. 
Daily medicated baths were required to soothe her tender skin and antibiotics were needed to care for her wounds and the skin infection that had developed. A meal plan was established to ensure Pachi would get back to her ideal weight and several days of dewormer were required to rid her of the intestinal parasites she developed while living outdoors. Slowly but surely, Pachi became herself again. 
You made the difference. Not only to Pachi, but to the thousands of animals we see annually. Each with their own story and their own challenges. Because of you, we are able to give a second chance to animals in need. Our organization was built with the community, from a small seed that blossomed, giving hope to all that come through our doors. And together, we are changing the future of the homeless animals in the High Country.