Takoda's Holiday Story

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As you might expect, this has been an unusual year for WHS. We have had restrictions on our activities as a result of COVID; we have had to limit the number of people coming into our facility, the use of our dog park, and most notably, have been unable to hold our usual major fundraisers.

But the needs of our animals are always foremost in our minds. Consider the case of Koda. At 6 months, Koda started to develop skin issues which continued to worsen and his entire body became a “yeast factory.” His owners confined him to a crate and decided to euthanize him. However, a vet’s office in TN stepped in and assumed responsibility for him. He was placed on a special diet and heavy antibiotics but the vet knew options for adoption are limited in TN and the chances were good that Koda would not leave a shelter alive. We knew we had to help, so we brought him to WHS.

Koda remained on antibiotics, was given medicated baths twice a week, received lots of in-kennel enrichment & daily walks. He caught the attention of an ASU student and was adopted into her family. Koda then made the long journey to his new home in Michigan where he is living his best life.

Not all such cases have a happy ending but we make every effort to save as many animals as possible. And we always have special cases like Koda which test our resolve and limited resources.

If there was just one simple thing you could do to give an innocent and defenseless animal a second chance, would you do it? You can have a tremendous impact on animals in need—in fact, you can change their lives forever. Just open your heart and give a generous holiday gift to the Watauga Humane Society. We're very pleased to already have a challenge gift of $5,000.

Help us ensure the future of WHS! Give, whether it be one time, monthly, annually or through an estate gift. Fifty-one years ago, a group of Watauga County citizens saw the need and invested in our future. Help us preserve that legacy!