More Ways to Give

Please contact our Administrative Assistant at 828-264-8495 or if you are interested in donating through one of these avenues.

Donating Stocks, Mutual funds or Bonds

WHS accepts gifts of securities, such as stocks, mutual funds or bonds. The gift of appreciated securities can be a smart tax strategy. If you decide to make a donation of this kind please contact us for instructions.

Donating through a Donor Advised Fund

If you have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) you may recommend a one time or ongoing donation to WHS. Please consult with your broker, financial advisor or fund manager for information about how to donate this way.

Donating through a Trust, Will or Estate Gift

Giving to WHS in this manner leaves a legacy of your compassion for animals. Consult with your estate attorney or whoever draws up your legal documents to include WHS in your plans. Notifying us of your intent qualifies you to become a Legacy Society Member of WHS, which grants you a special status among our members.

Employer Matches

Some employers will match your gift to WHS. If this is their policy be sure to ask them to contribute to your donation.