Report a Lost or Found Animal

If you have lost or found a pet, please call the shelter at 828.264.7865 from 12:30-6pm Tues-Fri or 12:30-5pm Sat-Sun (closed Mondays) for more information.

If you have an animal to report as "lost" or "found" on Mondays, please do NOT come to the shelter, we are closed on Mondays. Please call Animal Care and Control 828-262-1672. You may also want to call WATA Radio 828-264-2411 , Mountain Times 828-264-1881 and Watauga Democrat 828-264-3612. The above print media may do free ads for lost pets. Additionally we recommend you contact surrounding shelters if you live close to the county lines. You can also post in the Facebook group Watauga County Lost and Found Pets.

Watauga Humane Society and partner organization Watauga County Animal Care and Control will be the first animal welfare organizations in NC to offer Finding Rover facial recognition technology as an additional tool to help lost and adoptable pets in our community return home or find a forever home.

If you are having difficulty with your picture and description please add the information again.

e.g. 3 Years Old

e.g. Neutered Male, Male, Female or Spayed Female

e.g. Boxer, Bengal. If mixed, specify if you can.

e.g. 25 lbs. Estimate if you are unsure.

Must be a .jpg

Include such things as:

  • Hair Length
  • Fur Color(s) and Special Markings
  • Was Your Pet Wearing A Collar? (Describe Collar)
  • Was Your Pet Wearing Tags? (Describe Tags)
  • Your Contact Information To Post With Lost Listing
  • Any Other Pertinent Details

If you are listing a pet you've found, please also include where and when you found it. If you are looking for a pet you've lost, please include where and when it was last seen.